Paris Adventures – Day Six

Today might have been the second favorite day of the trip. My grandfather and I spent five plus hours in the Louvre. I’ve been ready about the museum for as long as I can remember but seeing it in person was everything I ever imagined plus so much more. No one else in the family wanted to stay as long as we did so they didn’t get up to wait in line for it to open with us. My little brother told me he was going to see the Mona Lisa and “Cleopatra” It took me a minute to realize he didn’t mean Cleopatra he meant Aphrodite lol. Clearing the art gene missed a generation… Anyway I don’t even know If I can put into words all the things I saw and felt while I was in there, actually I know I can’t. The history and the mystery that has been preserved within those walls is enough to make your knee weak. If I had to compare it to anything it was kind of like walking through the doors of Notre Dome a couple days ago; just like that church think about what those paintings have seen, what those paintings have been through, who has seen them, who painted them, where they have hung… Oh the secrets that hide within those layers of paint are probably amazing.


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